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Ulm, 01.02.2012 - codex ecoTec

Ecological products to feel good

Ecology, environmental friendliness and sustainability play a principle role for codex. This is emphasised even more with the product line codex EcoTec specifically geared to ecological building. The associated products meet the increased requirements of the EC 1 PLUS certification and have a very low emission. Thus codex responds to the request of many customers for healthy living installation products and meets the growing significance of ecological installation products.

EcoTec from codex
As one of the first construction chemistry manufacturers in the tile and natural stone area codex has responded early on to the consumer trend and tested and certified a large portion of the products according to the stringent requirements of GEV Association of Emission-Controlled Installation Materials, Adhesives and Construction Materials, Inc.). With the EcoTec product line the brand takes things even one step further: The products meet the requirements of the Emicode EC 1 PLUS Certification thus having an even lower emission. Beyond this, a complete system can be built with EcoTec – from substrate preparation to the jointing of the tile and natural stone floor. Thus codex with the EcoTec line offers best installation products for an ecological indoor climate.

Priming: codex FG 330

A dispersion primer for absorbent substrates prior to levelling and tiling work.

Levelling compound: codex FM 50 Turbo

A superb tile levelling compound with free-flowing and pumpable properties ready for covering already from two hours.

Sealing: codex Hydrostop

For the reliable sealing of substrates sensitive to moisture.

Tile adhesive: codex Power CX 3

The Flex thin bed mortar without maturing time.

Grout mortar: codex Brillant Cristal

The new grout mortar for tiles and natural stone coverings with crystalline water retention. Available in 9 colours.